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Marin Social: November 27th 2018 Release Notes

Increased flexibility with image and video swapping in the Mass Editor

Rich media like images and video have never been more central to digital advertising, which is why we've made a few quality-of-life changes to the Marin Social Mass Editor. More specifically, we've made it even easier to change out your creative assets whenever the mood takes you. Next time you log in to Marin Social, you'll be able to use the Change Media options to switch between either images or video on-the-fly for any of your ads. 

If you use the Mass Editor often, this change could save you a lot of time, as you'll no longer need to recreate entire ads – just duplicate them and switch out the images or videos. Simple! This change is now live and available to all Marin Social users. 

For more information about the Mass Editor, please read our dedicated Support Center article.


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All-new metrics for the Twitter Message Booster

If you're a Twitter advertiser, you'll know how important it is to measure engagement accurately. We know this too, which is why our team has enhanced the Twitter Message Booster with four new metrics:

  • Engagement
  • Engagement Rate
  • View Views
  • Video Views Rate


These metrics are available now for all advertisers who use the Twitter Message Booster -- just look for the Engagement column to see these valuable statistics. To learn more about the Twitter Message Booster, please read our Support Center article




Facebook Stories are now even easier to use in Marin Social

We recently updated Marin Social to support ad creation within Facebook Stories, and with today's update, we've made this even easier to use. Prior to this update, due to a system limitation, you were required to create ads in tandem with Instagram Stories. We've now eliminated this limitation, meaning you can now create ads for Facebook Stories without also having to create Instagram Story ads simultaneously. 


To get started with Facebook Stories today, head to the Marin Social Placement options, open the Position drop-down menu, then select the Feed and Stories checkboxes. Read our Support Center article on Facebook Stories

new ad categorization options for Facebook Ads

Facebook has made a couple of back-end changes regarding the way ads are categorized, so we've updated Marin Social to reflect this. In a nutshell, if you are running ads of a political nature, Facebook requires you to first be white-listed and then to categorize these ads accordingly. 




As part of this change in Marin Social, you'll now see a new option within the creation workflow as well as within the Message Booster. You'll find a new Ads Category drop-down during ad creation, from which you can select Political. You also have the option to mark all ads created within Message Booster as political in nature. 

Note: In order to use ad categorization, please reach out to the Marin Social Support team to enable it for your account. 



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