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Marin Social: November 6th 2017 Release Notes

Asset Manager is accessible from the Config menu

The campaign creation workflow just got a little easier with access to creative assets across Facebook and Twitter. Asset Manager saves you time and increases productivity, since you can re-purpose assets and streamline communication with design teams. For agencies and large enterprises, this is a great way to organize creatives into files for specific initiatives, or across accounts, saving you a considerable amount of time trying to track down existing assets.

In the workflow we have enhanced the Asset Manager so that it now fills the screen horizontally, making the images and videos much larger and displaying the size dimensions. Image thumbnails are now much more prominent and the vertical workflow makes things more seamless to launch campaigns.

To learn more about Asset Manager, please visit the Marin Software Support Center.


Save time with Marin Bulk Creator now with more flexible workflow

The Bulk Creator provides you with a more seamless way to launch campaigns with new creatives to top performing audiences without having to re-build a campaign from scratch. Additionally, when building a new campaign, you can create permutations of audiences and creatives more quickly with Bulk Creator, saving you a considerable amount of time versus creating a similar hierarchy using Facebook’s Power Editor tool.

With this release, we've switched Bulk Creator from a tabular view to a vertical workflow for improved ease of use.


Other Enhancements

New filter to show and hide Tweet replies

Message Booster improves coordination between social advertisers and community managers, while also helping to extend and amplify brand messages through paid social channels. With this change, you can hide replies to tweets and more easily select which organic tweets to amplify within the Message Booster console. Also, we’ve added a 'campaign IO' macro for improved reporting.

More Decimal Places

Calculated metrics such as CTR, CPV, and CPC will display up to four decimal places in the UI; for example, .0001.

Reach and Frequency for Multiple Cities

We’ve enhanced reach and frequency media buying to allow targeting of multiple locations within the same country, so you’ll no longer have to create a new campaign for each instance.



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