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Marin Social: October 10th 2018 Release Notes

The 'Target Cost' Bidding Strategy is now available for all Lead Gen campaigns

Previously, the Target Cost bidding strategy was only available for App Install and Website Conversion objectives, but with today's release, we've added full support for Target Cost bidding to Lead Generation campaigns too. With this change, you'll have more control over your conversion cost than ever before.

The Target Cost bidding strategy allows you to set a target cost per bid; Marin Social is able to go over or under this target, provided the average cost throughout the run of the ad meets your set goal. This fine-grain optimization allows you to manage your budgets in a simple yet effective way.

To learn more about Target Cost bidding for Lead Gen campaigns, please read our dedicated Support Center article



Small Enhancements And Bug Fixes

API updates for Website Custom Audiences

If you use either Search Intent Automation, or you're trying to create Website Custom Audiences (WCAs) via our API, you'll know that this feature was recently disabled due to some breaking changes. With today's release, we've re-enabled the ability to create WCAs via our API. In addition, we've also added a couple more options, including the ability to set different pixels and retention days when configuring your WCAs. 





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