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Marin Social: September 18th 2017 Release Notes

Introducing Page Engagement Custom Audiences for Marin Social

If you've ever wanted to create custom audiences of Facebook users who have interacted with your Facebook page in any way (i.e. comments, liked, shared, and so on), Page Engagement Custom Audiences are the answer.


A Page Engagement Custom Audience is a group of users curated by you according to the criteria you choose. Once created, you can use this Custom Audience to target your ads and drive engagement. There are plenty of criteria to choose from, including users who visited your Page, sent your Page a message, saved your Page or post, and more. 

Learn more about Page Engagement Custom Audiences in our Support Center. 

Enhanced support for Dynamic Ads in the Mass Editor

We've now updated the Mass Editor to offer more flexibility when creating Dynamic Ads and give you access to even more fields to customize your social ads. When updating your creative settings, you'll now find settings such as Carousel Format, Static Card, Mobile Deep Link Behavior, and more. 

Manage your Catalogs and Feeds (the easy way) from the Dynamic Ads Config page

In a previous release, we added a brand-new page which allows you to quickly manage your Creative Templates and Product Sets.

With this release, we've updated the Dynamic Ads Config Page again to enable full support for the management of both Catalogs and Feeds. But you won't just be able to view these feeds on this page, you'll also be able to create new Catalogs for Commerce, Hotels, and Destinations -- and upload the relevant feeds too. This will save you time and make managing your various Catalogs and Feeds easier than ever before. 



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