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Marin Social: September 6th 2017 Release Notes

Enhancements to Bi-directional Sync in Marin Social

Marin Social was designed to make managing your campaigns as effortless as possible -- and this includes the way it syncs your campaign data with publishers like Facebook. Whether you make changes in Marin Social or on Facebook itself, we know it's important to see these changes reflected on both sides -- without having to spend too much time doing things manually. With that in mind, in this release, we've implemented an advanced bi-directional publisher sync which carries out an automatic nightly operation to ensure all of your campaigns and objects are in sync. 

For more information about Marin Social's bi-directional sync, please read our dedicated Support Center article



Find and Replace now available in the Mass Editor

Whether you want to update a line in your creatives or tweak your targeting settings, Marin Social's Mass Editor allows you to make bulk changes to your social campaigns in a way that's straightforward, simple, and -- most importantly -- fast. With this update, we're happy to announce that you can now use the nifty Find and Replace tool to male changes to your creatives in one fell swoop -- no need to drill-down into your objects manually. 

To learn more about the Find and Replace tool, please read our dedicated Support Center article



Dynamic Ads for Destinations are now supported in Marin Social

We've now added full support for Dynamic Ads for Destinations in Marin Social. As a subset creative type of Dynamic Ads for Travel, these ads give you the ability to target Facebook users with city-level ads. By creating destination-specific ads like this, you'll be able to reach people who have shown an interest in certain travel opportunities, but not yet taken any action. For example, you might want to use Dynamic Ads for Destinations to reach people who've searched for a city and landed on a search results page, but haven't yet looked at individual hotels. This type of fine-grain targeting is an excellent way to drive value for your travel campaigns.

Want to know more? Read our dedicated Support Center article now





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