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May 2014 Release Notes

Support for Google AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

We are excited to announce support for Google AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Google RLSA enables advertisers to drive more conversions and better ROI for their search marketing campaigns on Google search and Google Display Network by tailoring keywords, bids and ad creative based on a target's previous engagement with their websites.

Our advertisers will be able to take advantage of this feature via the new Audiences tab. Users will be able to quickly import their Google remarketing lists into the Marin platform using a bulk add and edit feature. Bulk adding and editing for negative retargeting lists is also available. Once imported, users can then add those retargeting lists into groups in order to optimize bidding and customize creative rotations for these groups at the keyword level.

We recommend marketers clone their existing groups or campaigns when setting up retargeting initiatives, and then add the retargeting lists to groups using a Target and Bid setting. Doing so will enable users to more effectively optimize those campaigns.

For more information on this enhancement, please read our Help article.

Publisher Account Linking Wizard

We are excited to provide our Search, Social and Display advertisers with a more intuitive and streamlined way to link new publisher accounts into our system. The new Linking Wizard allows advertisers to integrate their publisher accounts into the Marin system with just a few clicks so that they can start optimizing faster than ever. Google advertisers in particular will benefit from the new Linking Wizard, which allows them to link accounts to Marin's MCC in a simple, completely self-serve manner. Additionally clients can use the linking wizard to upgrade their Google accounts to OAuth 2, Google's new authentication standard.


Enhancements to SmartGrid Workflow

In a continuing effort to enhance workflow speed and ease of use for advertisers, we have added enhancements to our SmartGrid reporting and management interface. SmartGrid allows advertisers to filter, analyze and take action on large data sets faster than ever. With our latest release, we've added two new multi-edit capabilities for Search advertisers. Customers managing SEM campaigns can now find and replace parameters in their keyword and creative destination URLs faster than ever. Additionally, customers can use the SmartGrid’s Creative Tab to quickly find and replace text within their creatives. Lastly, customers will now be able to edit campaigns, groups, or keywords in SmartGrid saving them time and helping them take turn analytics to action faster than ever.

Multi-Edit Enhancements

Sophisticated digital marketers with large-scale campaigns look to our platform to help them turn complexity into opportunity and manage their campaigns efficiently and effectively. Our multi-edit feature, which allows advertisers to edit campaign, group, creative, keyword objects and settings, is one of our most useful features for helping advertisers accomplish their goals. We are excited to provide users with the ability to multi-edit even more campaign settings than ever before. Now, using multi-edit, advertisers can edit the Delivery Method and Ad Serving settings for their Google campaigns. Additionally, advertisers can now use multi-edit for creative Dynamic Text Insertion using live ad params at the keyword level for Google and Bing. These significant enhancements to our popular multi-edit feature will allow customers to manage their campaigns faster than ever before.

Enhanced Portfolio Bid Optimization

We are pleased to announce Portfolio Optimization bidding as a generally available feature to our entire client base. Originally released as a Beta program, Portfolio Optimization has helped numerous Search advertisers improve their campaign ROI and provided them additional flexibility and control for automated bid management. Our Portfolio bidding solution evaluates bids on keywords collectively, rather than individually. This automated bid management option strives to maximize performance of the entire “portfolio” of keywords, by making tradeoffs on individual keywords to achieve an overall desired optimization goal. Portfolio Optimization also provides additional optimization options not previously available including maximizing Clicks and Profit and bidding to a Budget target. Advertisers who are looking to achieve improved performance on their keywords on an aggregate or leverage these new optimization options should take advantage of the general availability of this powerful new bidding capability.

Please contact your Client Success Manager to have this feature enabled for your account(s). For more information, read our Help article.


Automated Headroom Adjustment

One of the main reasons advertisers use our platform is to achieve a desired financial goal through Search, Social and Display advertising. However, sometimes advertisers can fall marginally short of their goals due to the presence of "headroom" in online advertising auctions. Headroom, by definition, is the difference between the bid you make and the actual price you pay for a click. Sometimes, when headroom is significant, advertisers will become too efficient (by paying far less than they are intending to for an expected ROI goal) and therefore compromise potential conversion and revenue volume.

We are excited to provide our advertisers with an automated solution for addressing headroom for Search, Social, Display, and PLA Campaigns. Our platform now includes a generally available Beta feature to automatically “boost” bids to account for headroom. Advertisers using this option can expect to achieve results that are closer to their intended financial goal, without concern that they may compromise volume.

Please contact your Client Success Manager to have this feature enabled for your account(s). For more information, please read our Help article.

Support for Google Location-Based Bid Adjustments

We are excited to announce bulk support for geographic targeting and support for Google’s location bid boost capability feature, which lets advertisers set percentage-based bid boosts for users in specified locations. Setting location-based bid boosts is a powerful and effective targeting strategy for advertisers seeking audiences in high-value geographic locations. Our advertisers can now take advantage of this powerful Google targeting functionality to create and delete location targets and exclusions and add location bid adjustments across their Google accounts through one simple bulk form.

Enhanced URL Builder Support

As worldwide mobile usage continues to grow rapidly, it becomes increasingly important for advertisers to provide mobile users with the best possible landing page experience. Google’s {ifmobile[value]} and {ifnotmobile[value]} parameters allow advertisers to serve users with device-specific landing pages, based on the device they are using.

We are happy to announce URL builder support for Google’s {ifmobile[value]} and {ifnotmobile[value]} parameters. Search advertisers can now utilize our powerful URL building tool to automatically append these important device-specific parameters to their Google URLs. With this enhancement, customers will save time and ensure the data integrity of their URLs through our automated URL handling. Additionally, advertisers should be able to provide Google searchers with improved device-specific landing page experiences more efficiently than ever before.

For more information on this enhancement, please read our Help article.

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