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November 2014 Release Notes

Marin Support For Yahoo! Gemini

Marin now supports Yahoo Gemini, a unified marketplace for native and mobile search ads. Customers can view performance metrics such as spend, impressions, and clicks at the campaign, group, and keyword levels for Yahoo Gemini campaigns. These metrics will be displayed alongside Google and Bing campaign metrics, allowing for easy comparison and insight into Gemini performance relative to other search, social, and display campaigns. Reporting for Yahoo conversion tracking is also supported.

To help our customers experience the benefits as quickly as possible, we'll begin automatically linking in Yahoo Gemini accounts on November 10th. Customers can expect a confirmation email once their accounts are available in Marin. Please contact your account representative or click here for additional information.


Campaign Cloner Support For Location Targeting Settings

Using Marin’s campaign cloner tool, customers may now copy their location targeting settings from Google campaigns to Bing campaigns. Marin also supports Bing radius targeting for campaigns so customers can easily grow their search capability volume. In combination with existing sitelinks support, the cloner tool enables customers to seamlessly copy their campaign settings from Google to Bing for faster setup.

Update For Facebook Campaign Targeting Settings

In late January, Facebook will finalize their new campaign structure. Audience targeting, placement, and bid settings will be moved from the ad level to the ad set level across all advertising interfaces.

To align with this change, the same targeting settings are now available at the group level within Marin. For all new Facebook campaigns created in Marin, advertisers can set up and edit targeting, placement, and bid settings at the ad set level using Campaign Wizard, single edit, or bulk upload. These new group-level settings are intended to streamline Facebook campaign management around audience targeting and current best practices.

Please note this update does not affect Facebook campaigns created in Marin prior to November 7, which will retain targeting, placement, and bid settings at the creative level. For more information on using the new group-level targeting settings for Facebook ads, please click here.


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