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October 2014 Release Notes

Spend forecasting for improved budget tracking

Marin now provides monthly spend forecasting at the client account level to help customers plan and optimize their monthly budgets. Customers can view their projected, actual, and cumulative advertising spend for the current calendar month, enabling easier and more accurate creation of monthly budgets. The forecasting feature also takes into account day of week and day of month seasonality for additional precision. This feature is available under a new “Budget” sub-tab under the “Home” tab. 

To enable this feature, please contact your account team. For more information, please click here.


Product group bidding exclusions for google shopping

Customers are now able to exclude individual Google Shopping product groups from bidding, allowing for enhanced control over their advertising strategy. Advertisers can also choose to pause bidding on any product group from a given tree, either temporarily or indefinitely. This feature is available for multi-edit and bulk-edit. 

For more information on this feature, please click here.

SmartGrid chart enhancements

As part of Marin’s continued enhancements to SmartGrid, line charts are now available. Customers can use these to view and compare aggregate or total performance for up to 10 objects over time. In addition, these charts are compatible with the SmartGrid campaign navigator for enhanced comparisons. 

For more information on SmartGrid, please click here.

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