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October 21st 2016 Release Notes

Bing Upgraded URLs and Marin Smart Sync

Last month, Marin Software added full management support for Bing Upgraded URLs. In today's release, we've extended our support for Bing Upgraded URLs to include Smart Sync. 

Note: This change applies to any marketer who has migrated to Upgraded URLs and is leveraging Smart Sync to keep their Adwords campaign(s) automatically paired to a corresponding Bing campaign.

With this update, Smart Sync will continue to:

  • Seamlessly support your campaign pairing as you migrate to Bing Upgraded URLs
  • Automatically pair your Adwords campaign(s) to a corresponding Bing campaign
  • Support your campaign pairing as you migrate to Bing Upgraded URLs 

For more information about using Marin Smart Sync, please read our dedicated Support Center article.


Smart Sync.png

Bing Expanded Text Ads and marin smart sync

Marin Smart Sync now fully supports Bing Expanded Text Ads. We've also added Smart Sync support for Bing Upgraded URLs in this release. These updates to Smart Sync ensure that marketers will be unimpeded in their migration to Bing Upgraded URLs and Bing ETAs. 

If you have a backlog of Google ETAs ready to be synced over to Bing, we encourage you to contact your account manager to initiate this task on your behalf.

For more information about Expanded Text Ads and Platform support, please read our dedicated Support Center article



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