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Marin Social: March 15th 2019 Release Notes

Limit the Number of Selected Campaigns in View with Campaigns Grid

Previously, opening the Campaigns Grid would result in a slow user experience, where the user was able to select an unlimited number of campaigns to view. We are now putting a 500 campaign threshold on the number of ads that can be displayed to a user within the Campaigns Grid, and are making the user aware of this through platform messaging when the number of ads selected exceeds the 500. This results in faster load times and overall better user experience.


Too many ads to display.png


Additional options for “Synchro Status” filter

When users push a change to Facebook, or when a change takes place in Ads Manager that needs to be reflected as such in the user’s Marin application, the change is deemed successful when it’s Synchronized. We’ve configured additional status filters to give users a view into the number of accounts that aren’t synced between the two platforms, and more context into why.

  1. Synchronized
  2. Not synchronized
  3. Resync needed
  4. Refused
  5. Pending Review (approval from Facebook)

Where the status is reflected as Refused, users can login to Facebook Ads Manager to get the additional information for resolution.


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