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MarinOne: February 7th 2020 Release Notes

Social Pacing Dashboards

What’s new?

With Social Pacing Dashboards, advertisers will be able to track how their Facebook campaigns are performing against their KPI goal. This tool gives you comprehensive insight into your current results alongside daily expected data based on your target and project's expected timeframe.

Pacing Dashboards offer color-coded gauges for an at-a-glance view of your budgets so that you’ll know exactly which campaigns need your attention. Advertisers can also setup an email notification and stay aware of any under-pacing prior to logging into MarinOne Social.




Why is this important?

KPIs help assess a business’ success in reaching its strategic goals. With this change, advertisers can know the impact of their budget decisions on the overall health of their business earlier on, resulting in improved budget allocation.

Marin's Value-Add

Facebook doesn’t currently offer this, and only tracks performance by spend. Giving advertisers this additional context will improve their financial forecasting.

Want to start tracking KPI performance for your social campaigns? Check out our dedicated Help Article to learn more!


Linking Wizard in MarinOne

What’s new?

With MarinOne's Linking Wizard, advertisers can sync in their Google accounts with just a few simple clicks. For non-Google publisher accounts, advertisers can click on a quick-link that will redirect them to Marin Search.


Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 3.19.23 PM.png

Why is this important?

Making it easier for advertisers to merge their ad accounts into MarinOne increases their efficiency and lets them allocate more time to scaling and strategy.

Want to learn more about the Linking Wizard in MarinOne? Read our dedicated Help Article for more information.



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