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MarinOne: March 20th 2020 Release Notes

Bulk creation of Products for amazon sponsored products & sponsored display campaigns

What’s new?

Advertisers can now add products for Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display campaigns via Marin’s bulk upload workflow. For Sellers, a column for SKU needs to be used for successful creation. For Vendors, the ASIN column needs to be used.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.00.45 PM.png


Why is this important?

This workflow saves time and makes it easy to add products to one or multiple campaigns, via manual or FTP uploads.

Want to learn more about our Amazon Advertising support and how to bulk upload using Marin? Check our dedicated Help Article!


Completion of Optimization Workflow in MarinOne

What’s new?

The latest Bid Strategy side panel enhancements in MarinOne include support for Boost adjustments, Excluded Dates, and Bid Strategy Mapping. These enhancements provide completeness to the optimization workflow in MarinOne.


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.09.30 PM.png



Why is this important?

This feature lets you quickly pop open a sidebar of your Bid Strategy settings, making it easy to edit, and without having to leave the main page. By automating the routine for end-to-end workflow control, we give advertisers back their time, so they can focus on scaling and strategy.


Status of sitelinks in the ad extensions grids & reports

What's new?

Advertisers can now see the status of the sitelinks in the Ad Extensions Grid at campaign/group level in Marin Search (select a campaign/group > ad extensions subtab). You can also see the status of sitelinks from an Ad Extensions report (by clicking the "Create Report" button from that page). 


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.14.25 PM.png


why is this important?

Sitelinks give advertisers more SERP real estate, give the user more options for navigating a website, and boost CTRs as much as 20%, according to Google. The frequent use of sitelinks make it beneficial to have the status displayed, so that advertisers can action on any issues more immediately.

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