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Marin Search: January 24th 2020 Release Notes

Amazon Ad-Scheduling (Dayparting)

What’s new?

This feature empowers our customers to apply bid modifiers by hour of day or day of week to purposefully and efficiently allocate budgets for Sponsored Products.

Why is this important?

Ad-Scheduling (or Dayparting) is an advertising tactic in which an advertiser can segment the day into set intervals and bid higher or lower during those intervals to more effectively and efficiently reach customers. An advertiser could increase bids during peak traffic hours while decreasing during “off” hours, in contrast to an advertiser maintaining a single bid regardless of hour of day or day of week.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.20.23 AM.png


This unique Marin feature is a must try for any Amazon Advertiser. Those who manage their Amazon accounts in Marin can now create and apply dayparting bid schedules across Sponsored Products campaigns. You can vary bid schedules by hour of day -- even down to 15 minute intervals if desired. You can also apply schedules by day of week, for example, setting different schedules for weekdays compared to weekends.

Want to learn more about dayparting your Amazon campaigns? Check out our dedicated Help Article for more information!


Campaign Management for Amazon Sponsored Display ads

What’s new?

This enhancement provides bulk and multi-edit support for creation and management of Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns. This functionality, in conjunction with existing full reporting support, provides end-to-end campaign management for advertisers (similar to the existing support for Sponsored Products campaigns) in Marin.

Why is this important?

Sponsored Display ads appear on or off Amazon, depending on the targeting strategy. With Sponsored Display ads, advertisers can quickly promote their full product catalogs with creatives that are auto-generated and optimized for conversions. Similar to remarketing, target audiences are automatically created based on relevant Amazon shopping activities.


Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 6.17.06 PM.png


Using bulk for actions such as budget changes, dimension applications, and scheduled activations and pauses saves time and makes for a simpler user workflow.

Reach out to your dedicated account representative if you're interested in learning more!


Enhancements to Amazon's Bid Settings and Keywords Setting History

What’s new?

We’ve recently added bulk support for campaign bidding strategies and placement bid adjustments for Amazon Sponsored Products. This means assigning/changing any of the Amazon campaign bidding strategies (Up and Down, Down Only, or Fixed) across campaigns with ease via bulk or multi-edit. The same goes for placement bid adjustments (Top of Search & Product Page), that can be added or changed via bulk or multi-edit.

In addition, users now have the ability to click into Amazon keywords within the Keywords grid to see details of the individual keyword’s settings and change history. With this improvement, you can see the story of each keyword at the most granular level in the application and eliminate guesswork to understand why it’s performing the way it is.


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