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MarinOne: April 10th 2019 Release Notes

customer match audiences

With MarinOne’s latest release, we introduce Google Ads’ Customer Match in MarinOne, which is the first step in building a tool that streamlines cross-channel audience management within a single place.

What is Customer Match?

Customer Match gives you the ability to target or exclude your very own user lists by uploading prospect and customer information (email address, phone number, and mailing address).

In our use-case, these customer lists would be uploaded to Marin through an FTP, where data is then “matched” by Google, a process where they align the phone number, mailing address information, and email addresses with user-provided data in Google accounts (on Gmail, Search Network, and YouTube). From there, you are able to tailor your campaigns to those users’ attributes, or in accordance with where they sit in the purchase funnel.

With this new capability, audience lists can always be updated in the Marin application in real-time!


Customer Match lets you use your online and offline data to reach and re-engage with your customers across Search, Shopping, Gmail, and YouTube. Using the information that your customers have shared with you, Customer Match can help leverage more personalized ads to loyal customers you’ve already built a relationship with, lower and mid-funnel prospects who have engaged with your brand, or prospects that are similar to your highest-value customers. Furthermore, you can also exclude existing customers from certain promotions or offers. 

Additional details

  • There must be a match rate of at least 1,000 users in order to build an audience.
  • Similar audiences enables you to target users searching for the same kinds of things as your designated customer match list, for which Google analyzes browsing interests, search queries, and videos watched, on Gmail and YouTube. These will be automatically created if your Customer Match audiences meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

  • If you wish to specify how long people on the list can be targeted (in the instance that the user, product, or service is no longer relevant), you can do so in the Membership Duration field. Otherwise, the default for membership duration is set to unlimited.

  • Marin has built a hashing tool to encrypt user data into hexadecimal strings, so that we can pass along to Google to translate (meaning that we won’t be storing the data internally).

Ready to get started? You can learn more about Customer Match Audiences from our dedicated article

Intraday Conversion & Revenue data

The Marin platform can now use near real-time conversion and revenue data to show you the immediate impact of your advertising campaigns.


Having a real-time view into the impact of your ads is a great way for you to more efficiently optimize your advertising budgets and make more informed decisions about your current campaigns. Shorter time to data insight allows marketers to make real-time decisions and take immediate action.

Additional Details

Data gets updated by the hour, with an hour delay. If you are viewing your data at 4 p.m., the revenue & conversion data will be up-to-date as of 3 p.m. 

Want to learn more? Speak with your account representative to get you setup, or see our dedicated article for additional details!






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