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June 30th 2020 Release Notes

Bing RSA Support

In addition to syncing and reporting, Marin users can now edit and create Bing Responsive Search Ads (RSA) from both Marin Search and MarinOne platforms. The new level of support is identical to Google RSA.


Bulk upload, multi-edit, URL Builder and AutoCorrect are all supported for Bing RSA in both MarinOne and Marin Search.



To learn more, check out the dedicated Help Article

Bulk Support for Amazon in MarinOne

Bulk support is now available for Amazon in MarinOne. The guidelines remain unchanged and therefore usability and expected bulk headers should be familiar if you have used bulk in Marin Search.

Shopping Tab is Renamed Products Tab

In anticipation of support for Amazon Product Targets (and Auto Targets), the following grid name changes have been implemented in MarinOne:

  • "Shopping" is now "Products"
  • "Product Groups" is now "Groups & Targets"
  • "Products" is now "Shopping Products"


*Please note this is only a cosmetic update in grid names. There have been no changes made to underlying data, nor to columns, reports, saved views, etc. All of these existing features are unaffected.

View Accounts Using Bing Parallel Tracking

Users can now bring in the “Parallel Tracking” column in the Publishers grid with their Bing accounts to see which of their accounts are using parallel tracking. Prior to this enhancement, the column only considered Google accounts.

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