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MarinOne: May 15th 2020 Release Notes

Google Smart Shopping Reporting in MarinOne

What’s New?

In April, the team introduced Smart Shopping reporting capabilities in Marin Search, and now those enhancements are available in MarinOne. Now is a great time to talk Google Shopping strategy -- both the COVID-19 shift towards online commerce and the recent debut of free, organic Google Shopping listings make this a hot topic.

You can locate Google Smart Shopping objects by using the values of the columns below:

  • Campaigns grid: Subtype column = "Smart Shopping"


  • Creatives grid: Creative Type column = "Smart Shopping"
    • Headline column shows static text "Product Listing Ad" like Standard Shopping ads


Why is this important?

Users will be able to analyze their Google Smart Shopping accounts in the upgraded platform, as part of our broader effort to provide a complete, holistic MarinOne experience. Advertisers can leverage all the existing reporting framework for their Smart Shopping accounts including alerts, dashboards, dimensions, and more.

Want to learn more about the Smart Shopping? Check out our dedicated Help Article!


Linking Wizard enhancement for Amazon Campaigns

What’s New?

For new Amazon onboardings into Marin, customers will be able to see the campaign type in Linking Wizard, so as to know which ones are Sponsored Products, which are Sponsored Brands, and which are Sponsored Display. The identification would be with a prefix:


  • Sponsored Products campaigns appear as: "[SP] <campaignname>
  • Sponsored Brands campaigns appear as: "[SB] <campaignname>
  • Sponsored Display campaigns appear as: "[SD] <campaignname>


Sorting by name within the Linking Wizard will group the campaigns together by type of campaign ([SB] for example).



Why is this important?

Advertisers can now quickly and easily connect their Amazon accounts to Marin entirely, or in piecemeal. Selective linking of Amazon campaigns by type (SP, SB, SD) is now a one or two click process whereas previously was a multi-step operation.

Last quarter we added full support for Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns, in addition to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. With this enhancement to the Linking Wizard, users can identify opportunities for bringing in new campaigns and having discussions about our enhanced features to power them.


Revenue Mode: Clear and Overwrite by Conversion Type

What's new?

Customers can now clear and overwrite all data for dates and conversion types mentioned in a revenue file, as long as “conversion type” is indicated in the revenue upload. Data includes all objects (ads, keywords, sitelinks, and shopping products) for Google content network conversions. This is accessed by selecting “Clear and Overwrite” mode in Revenue Upload.

Why is this important?

Importing conversions lets you see how your online ads affect offline sales and other valuable actions, and giving advertisers an easy and fast way to replace old information with new information improves their day-to-day efficiency.

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