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MarinOne: July 19th 2019 Release Notes

MarinOne Audience Hub is ready for prime time

This week we added support for the creation of Facebook Custom Audiences, completing the work for Audience Hub.

What’s new? 

Customers can create and manage their CRM audience lists across Google and Facebook within the same workflow using Marin’s Audience Hub.

Why is this important?

It’s important to harness first-party CRM data to fuel paid media in digital marketing. Whether it’s building more personalized experiences across devices, serving ads to qualified buyers, creating better Lookalike Audiences, or reducing waste through exclusions, there’s a lot of power that comes from segmenting your advertising campaigns.

Typically, when you want to build an identity-based campaign audience, it’s a highly manual task. The normal cycle would be to run a few queries to pull a customer list, reformat the results into a CSV file that mirrors the publisher’s requirements, and then upload it to each platform individually. Then, you would need to repeat this process across all publishers to ensure the targeting list doesn’t go stale.

Marin’s Value-Add

With Audience Hub, you can automate the manual workflow because the audiences built in the MarinOne platform are agnostic, and can be shared across Google and Facebook. You can automatically populate your audiences in real-time, which means showing users highly relevant ads at the right time. Advertisers can also avoid wasted ad spend by building and sharing their updated suppression lists across the two publishers. 

Want to learn more? Check out our dedicated article and reach out to your account representative today!


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