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MarinOne and Marin Search: December 6th 2019 Release Notes

Bulk Upload in MarinOne

What’s new?

This highly-anticipated feature empowers advertisers to create & edit their campaigns in bulk and at scale in MarinOne, saving them time and manual effort.

Why is this important?

Most advertisers manage a large volume of campaigns, with varying creatives and performance objectives. A feature that enables our customers to edit campaigns in bulk increases their efficiency and lets you allocate more time to scaling and strategy.

More information about using MarinOne's Bulk Upload functionality can be found in our dedicated Help Article.

Cross-Client Reports in MarinOne

What’s new?

We’ve made it easier for advertisers to analyze performance across multiple clients in MarinOne. Users can now create a single large-scale report, and select the desired accounts from a drop-down to add to their cross-client reporting.

Why is this important?

For advertisers that manage multiple clients in different regions and wanted to look at global performance over time in MarinOne, they would previously have to download performance for each account individually, and then stitch the data together to find global trends. By improving this functionality, you can easily track performance against defined benchmarks, giving you more time to dedicate to data exploration.


Want to learn more about generating reports in MarinOne? Check out our dedicated Help Article for more information!

Top-Performing Product Insight for Google Shopping Campaigns

What’s New?

Just in time for the holidays, the Top-Performing Product Insight is readily available for retailers who advertise on Google Shopping. This insight scans all the shopping products (item IDs) within a product group, and identifies the shopping product that has the highest ROAS relative to its product group's average.

With this insight, advertisers can easily see which products are producing conversions at acceptable rates and which are not. For products that are performing well, advertisers can bid higher by subdividing the product by item ID and setting a higher bid.

Why is this important?

Constantly pulling top performing shopping products out of parent product groups is a recommended best practice, but it is often skipped by campaign managers because it’s a daunting task. Due to the number of shopping products and product groups, the pre-existing process is very manual and time-consuming. 

How it works:

In the below example, notice the 'All > Product Type: Jerseys > Category: NFL Jerseys' product group has a ROAS of 4.1, but there is a product that is outperforming the average with a higher ROAS ('Item ID:Dak Prescott').

Following our recommendation, this client created the 'All > Product Type: Jerseys > Category: NFL Jerseys > ItemID: Dak Prescott' product group and assigned it a bid of $5.4. This meant that a higher volume of users were shown the advertiser’s top-selling product (Dak Prescott Jersey), resulting in incremental performance uplift for the campaign.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.11.21 AM.png


In order to qualify, Shopping Products need to meet the following criteria:

  • Belong to a Google Shopping campaign
  • Have at least 25 clicks
  • The shopping product's ROAS needs to be higher than its product group's ROAS for an Insight to be generated.


If interested in opting into this new Shopping Insight, please reach out to your dedicated account representative.


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