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MarinOne and Marin Search: October 11th 2019 Release Notes

Prominence Metrics in Campaigns & Group Grids

What’s new?

Campaign and Group-level grids/reports are readily available for the new Prominence metrics in Marin Search.

Why is this important?

These insights are more reflective of where your ads appear on the SERP, and advertisers will have a much clearer view of their prominence on a page, within Marin’s UI.

More information about Prominence Metrics and Marin’s latest coinciding bid strategy, Awareness Targeting, can be found here.

Audience Hub Activity Log

What’s new?

Once audiences have been uploaded into MarinOne via Audience Hub, advertisers can check the status of uploads and edits in the Audience Activity Log, and monitor all activities related to audience file uploads.



Want to learn more about syncing your CRM audience lists across Google and Facebook? Check out our dedicated Help Article for more information!

Amazon “Buy Box” Status for Sponsored Products

What’s New?

Marin now shows advertisers when products are falling out of the Buy Box for Sponsored Products via the Amazon Serving Status column in the Ads tab. To enable this as an automated alert, the advertiser will need to create a recurring scheduled report and filter for Ad Serving Status = Not in Buybox.



You can the full list of Amazon product statuses in our dedicated Support Center Article

Note: From time to time, Amazon will send status values that are not included in this list, such as “Ineligible.” Once we are provided with definitions on these other statuses, we will update this list.

Why is this Important?

The Amazon Buy Box is the top right section on a product page where customers can directly add items to their shopping carts. Where multiple third-party sellers sell the same product on Amazon, they must compete to “win the Buy Box.” The Buy Now button below Add to Cart is the most direct path to a purchase on Amazon, requiring the fewest clicks on the part of users to make a sale.


Over 80% of Amazon website sales today go through the Buy Box, making it a critical aspect of success advertising on Amazon. This is similar to an advertiser’s efforts to get the top organic results on the SERP. Having visibility into the Buy Box status of your products makes it easy to monitor for products which may be sources of lost revenue or sales opportunity.

Marin’s Value-Add

You can easily set up and schedule a daily report that notifies you when any ASINS fall into the Not In Buy Box status, and take the immediate steps needed to optimize their account, while fixing the factors that influence your Buy Box eligibility. 


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