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Marin Search and Marin Social: November 22nd 2019 Release Notes

Prominence Metrics in Dimensions Roll Up by Keyword

What’s new?

Dimensions Roll Up by Keyword is readily available for the new Prominence Metrics in Marin Search.

Why is this important?

Marin’s Dimensions help keep advertisers organized, by allowing them to tag different objects for easy filtering, and then using those filters to monitor performance. Incorporating Prominence Metrics into the roll up by keywords grid gives you a faster way to aggregate the data and gain a true understanding of where their ads appear on the SERP. Advertisers can also use this feature for bid adjustment opportunities to see where a keyword is converting well but has a low Search (Top) IS--and then use that insight to increase the bid and show up more often above the organic results.

More information about Prominence Metrics and Marin’s latest coinciding bid strategy, Awareness Targeting, can be found here.

Campaign Management for amazon Sponsored Products

What’s new?

According to Amazon, last year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day event in history and was part of a record-breaking holiday season that also included Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Marin is releasing new Amazon functionality to help advertisers break records again this year.

Marin now offers end-to-end management of Sponsored Product campaigns, including multi-edits and bulk support. This new functionality layers on top of all existing features including bidding, report building, and dimension support.

Why is this important?

This upgraded support for Amazon Sponsored Products enables advertisers to do the following:

  • Link/unlink Amazon Accounts (PCAs) and SP campaigns through the Linking Wizard
  • Bulk and multi-edit support for creating new and editing existing objects
  • Manually hard sync campaigns/groups at any time
  • Manual in-grid adjustments across campaigns, groups, keywords, and ASINs
  • Implement scheduled actions for campaigns (to enable/pause)
  • View change history and audit log for campaign and group settings
  • Add and edit objects via FTP

Account Structure

Once an existing Amazon account is upgraded, it will be split into 2 within the same Marin account (client):

  • Existing Amazon account will keep the Sponsored Brand (SB) campaigns, and continue to support reporting and bidding via Channel Connect. We expect to upgrade SB campaigns in early 2020.
  • New publisher account with Sponsored Products will be labeled with the suffix "- SP."

Here's how it will look:




All advertisers who are interested in enabling full campaign management for Sponsored Products should reach out to their dedicated account representative.


Want to learn more about the ins and outs of managing Sponsored Product Ads in Marin? Check out our dedicated Help Article for more information!

Support for Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

What’s New?

Hoping to make things a little bit easier for advertisers, Facebook launched Campaign Budget Optimization, and in many cases, it has become a requirement in the native Facebook Ads Manager tool. Mandatory compliance via the API is set for Q3 2020.

As a result, Marin is giving its advertisers the option to opt into this functionality in Marin Social.

What does this mean?

This means that advertisers will input an overall campaign budget and let Facebook’s algorithm distribute and optimize to the best-performing ad sets (where audience targeting is specified) in real-time.

Why is Facebook Implementing this change?

Facebook believes this will help advertisers maximize the total value of their campaigns. It eliminates the need to manually shift budgets between ad sets, and also removes the need to track and re-calculate budgets mid-flight, resulting in time-savings and efficiency.


You can learn more about Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization, and how to use it in Marin Social, in our dedicated Help Article.


Support for Facebook special Ad categories

What’s new?

In an effort to help maintain the integrity of advertising, Facebook has introduced special ad categories.

Facebook advertisers based in or targeting the US and are creating a campaign that includes “ads that relate to credit, employment or housing”, will be prompted to choose the category that best describes their ads. This limits targeting options to keep advertisers from running discriminatory ads.

Facebook has announced that all new campaigns must comply with the Special Ads Category rule by December 4 or the campaigns will be terminated.



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