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September 2014 Release Notes

Marin Support For Yandex (Enterprise Only)

We are pleased to announce API support for Yandex Search Advertising. Now advertisers can analyze, report, and automate bidding for paid search campaigns on Russia’s largest search engine directly within the Marin platform, saving time and improving financial return. URL Builder is supported and customers can report from any revenue source, allowing for easy management and optimization of Yandex campaigns. 

For more information, click here

Support For Bulk Creation Of Product Groups For Google Shopping Campaigns

As part of Marin’s continued enhancements for Google Shopping Campaigns, we have added the ability to create single-level product groups using bulk uploads. Advertisers are now able to easily add new product groups to Shopping campaigns for more efficient campaign management.

To enable Shopping campaigns, please contact your Client Services rep.



Marin Support For Bing Enhanced Campaigns

We now support Bing Enhanced Campaigns, enabling Bing advertisers who have transitioned to Enhanced Campaigns to manage their campaigns directly from Marin. Customers can create and manage mobile preferred ads, set campaign level mobile and tablet bid adjustments, and view the bid adjustment value and device preference in their respective grid views. For more insightful reporting, advertisers can also see campaign performance broken down by device in the Devices sub-tabs.


Marin Support For Google Dynamic Search Ads

Customers can now create and report on Google Dynamic Search Ads through Marin. Support includes the ability to create Dynamic Search Ads in bulk format across accounts, sync down existing Dynamic Search Ads from Google, and perform multi-edit, allowing advertisers to increase audience reach and drive traffic without the use of keywords. Advertisers can also view creative level reporting and see performance of Dynamic Search Ads rolled up at the group level. Customers who already have campaigns with Dynamic Search Ads will now automatically begin to see that performance data in Marin.

Future support for Dynamic Search Ads is planned to include management and reporting for Dynamic Targets, the ability to set and adjust campaign level DSA settings, bidding, and URL building.

Facebook A/B Creative Testing For Informed Optimization

A/B creative testing functionality is now expanded to include Facebook creative. Facebook advertisers can use the A/B testing column to quickly gauge the relative performance of each creative within a given group, allowing them to make more informed creative optimization decisions. In addition, advertisers can save time when doing large scale creative analysis by determining the top performing creative across their entire portfolio. Finally, within the feature's settings tab, advertisers can define KPIs, confidence levels, and data sample sizes to get a custom view of success.


Promote Facebook Page Posts By Post ID In The Campaign Wizard

Last release, we added the ability to promote Facebook page posts using Page Post IDs. This release, we are introducing the same functionality to our Campaign Wizard, enabling customers to quickly promote high-performing Facebook page posts at scale based on their ID. The improved workflow eliminates the need to search through existing Page Posts, and assists collaboration between paid advertising and social engagement teams.

Campaign Wizard Support For Facebook Campaign Objectives

Last release, we added bulk support for Facebook's Campaign Objectives setting to streamline the campaign launch and editing process for Facebook advertisers. Now, Facebook advertisers can create or edit Facebook Campaign Objectives within the Campaign Wizard. Customers using Facebook's oCPM bidding type will save time by using the Campaign Wizard to make these changes at scale.

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