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September 25th 2015 Release Notes

Scale your Yahoo Gemini advertising program with improved campaign management

In continuing on a path of innovation for Yahoo Gemini, we are rolling out ad management support for the platform’s mobile search and native campaign types. The enhancements, intended to streamline the Gemini campaign management workflow, include the ability to add, edit, and delete text and native creatives in bulk for Gemini campaigns all from within the platform. 

Additionally, users will be able to perform position based bidding on Gemini ads, allowing them more flexibility and control with bidding and optimization. Marin is committed to providing best in class support for Gemini and will continue to release new features down the road. 



Increase Conversions And Brand Awareness With Bing Native Ads

Native advertising has been the talk of the digital advertising world this year. These ads have the unique ability to blend seamlessly into editorial content and provide more relevant and information based ad content. Advertisers have seen increased engagement and brand awareness with native advertising, and the popularity of this ad format is only growing. With Bing native ads, advertisers can expand the scope of existing search campaigns to reach the audience of MSN.com, which has an estimated 117M monthly unique visitors. 

After being one of the first platforms to support Yahoo Gemini native ads, Marin is excited to announce upcoming support for new Bing native ads beginning with bid adjustments for campaigns. With Marin support, users can easily boost bids for while managing their Bing campaigns alongside the rest of their advertising from within the platform to increase the overall ROI of their advertising. 



Marin Smart Tag Now Available

The Marin Smart Tag has been added to the Platform's Admin panel. This can be used to capture intent data across channels and devices. You will then be able to create Audiences of potential customers who have similar characteristics. 

To use this, simply open URL Builder to set up the tracking code and manage Smart Tag tracking tag rules.

For more information, please read our Support Center article


Coming Soon...

Keep an eye out for the following features, to be released with our next product update!

Updated URL Builder for an Enhanced User Experience

Providing an optimal user experience is one of Marin's top priorities and with the recent Upgraded URLs update, we are revamping our URL Builder to make managing URLs across publishers easier than ever. 

With the new enhanced URL Builder, tabs have been added to help improve navigation and streamline URL creation and manage workflows. Additional tabs have been added, including ones for Google Custom Params and Template Blocks. 

Save Time and Streamline Workflow with Bulk Editing of Google Shopping Campaigns Product Group Hierarchies

With the holidays quickly approaching, advertisers are scrambling to finish their planning for the holiday season and for many, that includes getting their Google Shopping Campaigns set up and ready to go. Marin understands that managing the sheer volume of seasonal inventory can be overwhelming and we are here to help. 

In continuation of our ongoing support for Shopping Campaigns and to help streamline workflow, Marin will soon be providing advertisers with the ability to bulk edit Product Group hierarchies across Ad Groups, Accounts, Campaigns, and cross-client. With this feature, advertisers will save time by being able to edit Shopping Campaigns at scale. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new feature! 



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