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September 30th 2016 Release Notes

Bing Upgraded URLs

The Platform now offers full support for Bing Upgraded URLs. Similar to Google's Upgraded URLs initiative last year, this change brings with it a raft of benefits for Bing Ads clients, including:

  • Improved tracking management: You can now manage and update tracking information for multiple URLs with a single Tracking Template managed from a single location.  
  • Rapid URL changes with less down-time: Quickly make tracking changes to your URLs using an account-level Tracking Template without your ads going through the review process again. This means your ads keep running, so you don’t miss out on potential conversions.

It's now possible to migrate all of your trackable objects to Upgraded URLs, so feel free to reach out to your Platform representative to decide on the best approach for you. Alternatively, if you're all set to begin the migration, you can get started now with our Bing Upgraded URLs Self-Migration Guide

Bing Expanded Text Ads

In addition to Upgraded URLs, Bing has also added Expanded Text Ads (ETA) to Bing Ads. The Platform has been updated to offer support for this new and improved ad format. 


An Expanded Text Ad (ETA) is an expanded ad format with two title fields, more characters per text field, and support for Bing's upgraded URLs. ETA's deliver more content than Standard Text Ads, giving you more space to encourage clicks and conversions. 

For more information about Expanded Text Ads and Platform support, please read our dedicated Support Center article



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