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Displaying a Chart from Grid Data

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To display a time series chart on any page:

  1. On any grid page, check the objects (keywords, folders, campaigns, etc) to be charted.
  2. Click the chart button. The chart will appear above the grid, with the selected objects.
  3. Select the metric using the drop down on the chart. Only those columns currently displayed in the grid can be charted. Use the View Builder to add a new metric to the grid, if needed.
  4. To change the object(s) being charted, click the new items and click Chart. The chart will be recreated with the new objects.
  5. To close a chart, click the X icon in the upper right corner of the chart.

Important notes

  • If you chart a single object, you have the option of charting two metrics.
  • For multiple-object charts, only one metric for each object can be shown.
  • Clicking the chart button with nothing selected will display the performance for the entire account.
  • Please note that by default, the line chart will not work with filters in place.
  • If conversion type is set to both DOCL (Date of Click) and DOC (Date of Conversion), you will see two identical options in the drop down filter box. The top one will be showing DOCL data and bottom one is for DOC.


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