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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Decreased Conversions and Increased Revenue Errors with Dart Search Redirects

What is the issue?

When using Dart Search redirects, you may notice a drop in conversions numbers within the platform coupled with an increase in the number of failures within your revenue file.

You can check for errors via the Activity Log within the Admin section of the Platform.

What causes the issue?

If you are using Dart Search redirects, and have lower than normal conversions and an increase number of revenue file errors, the problem is likely being caused by Dart Search rebuilding URLs itself within the publisher’s interface. This would effectively strip any Platform-specific tracking parameters and cause revenue tracking problems like these.

How to diagnose the issue

To check if this problem is being caused by the above, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Admin section and download the affected revenue file.
  2. Look at one of the failed rows within the revenue file, then take its keyword ID and check its respective destination URL within the Platform. It should look normal, with all parameters included.
  3. Next check the same keyword within the publisher interface (Google Adwords). If the destination URL here does not include the same tracking parameters as those in the Platform, you’ve found the source of the issue.

How to fix the issue

Because the problem is being caused by Dart Search actively rebuilding destination URLs within the publisher interface you need to switch off this function within Dart Search to prevent this issue. Once this has been done, you will also need to make sure that your repaired URLs are trafficked within the publisher.

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