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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Manually Overwriting Revenue


To manually overwrite revenue for an object (whether it be a keyword, creative, or both) on a specific date, requires three steps. Below you'll find detailed information about how to performing a manual revenue overwrite.

How to Manually Overwrite Revenue

To manually overwrite revenue for an object (whether it be a keyword, creative, or both) on a specific date, you will need to do so using the following instructions:

  • Find the keyword - creative pairing for each revenue instance on that date in the revenue files by opening each revenue file seen in the Activity Log that contains data for that object.
    • For example, if you are trying to overwrite revenue to $125 for a keyword with a tracking ID of abc123 on the date of 1/1/12, you would:
    • Open all revenue files that contain 1/1/12 revenue data for that keyword (so the revenue file that had came in on 1/2/12 is a good place to start)
    • You would then filter for this tracking ID abc123 within the Keyword ID column, and for the date 1/1/12 within the "Date" column
    • From this view, highlight/make note of each creative ID* that is associated with this keyword in which there is a revenue value (*Creative ID seen here is in reference to the Pub. ID column seen in the Creatives tab)


  • Once you have each keyword - creative pairing, you will need to overwrite only one of these pairings with the desired revenue and will also need to overwrite every remaining pairing with $0.
    • In our example, you would then produce the following bulksheet to overwrite the revenue to $125


  • ...and when navigating to the application Admin > Activity Log > Upload revenue link. Select the option to Overwrite existing revenue, and either paste in the above data or upload via Unicode Text file


  • Once the revenue job has finished processing, you should be able to see the correct revenue amount within the application for that keyword.

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