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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

Home > English > Revenue and Conversion Tracking > Revenue Upload > Troubleshooting Articles: Revenue Upload > "Operation Failed with Error - Error - cannot read line - xxx, invalid encapsulator [ ]"

"Operation Failed with Error - Error - cannot read line - xxx, invalid encapsulator [ ]"

What is the issue?

In the Activity Log, you may see the following error (or a variant thereof):

Operation failed with error: Error: cannot read line: xxx, invalid encapsulator ["]


Operation failed with error: Error: cannot read line: 622, invalid encapsulator ["].

What causes the issue?

This error refers to a formatting issue with the bulk sheet. Depending on how the sheet was created or saved, it could include certain invalid characters like quotation marks.

The important part of the error is what is in the [square brackets] at the end of the error message. This highlights what characters are causing the problem. The "xxx" in the message refers to which line in the bulk sheet the problem is occurring in.

How to fix the issue

There are a couple of options you can try to fix this issue. If one of them doesn't work, we'd recommend you try the other to see if it does.  

Method #1


1. Take your original file and open it in Excel. Highlight and adjust all column widths to see where row height may be extended.

2. Click on Text Wrap twice (once to text wrap everything, twice to remove all text-wrapped cells).

3. Save-As a Unicode Text file and re-upload it to MarinOne via bulk upload. You will not want to copy/paste into the platform.

Method #2

1. In Excel, open the file you used for the bulk upload.

2. Next, select the whole file, copy it, and paste it into a text editor such as Notepad. 

3. Once you're in your text editor, open the Find and Replace tool (CTRL + H or CMD + H), then, in the Replace What field, enter the encapsulator found in the square brackets. Leave the Replace With field blank in order to remove it, and finally click Replace All.

4. The last step is to save the file as .txt document with encoding (set to Unicode), then upload it to the platform via bulk upload. 



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