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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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"Unknown Service Error - Connection Reset"

What is the issue?

This is an Atlas RTS specific error message that occurs when a user attempts to post more than 30k changes in a single upload. The upload times out/fails and if we click into the activity ID we see the above error message.

What causes the issue?

Atlas can only accept 30,000 placement create/update requests per hour. So if a user uploads 250k items, the system will spoon-feed them to Atlas in 30k/hour increments. However, once the Platform makes the request to Atlas via RTS (Razorfish Tracking System previously known as Atlas Management Queue [AMQ]), the Platform only keeps looking for returned URL’s for three hours and after this time the upload will time out /fail.

How to fix the issue

Split the upload file into smaller chunks and then upload into the Platform to generate Atlas specific tracking.

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