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Display Keywords on Google Display Network (GDN)


Google Ads has metrics reporting at the keyword level for display/content-targeted keywords. This enables you to fine-tune the performance of your contextual campaigns down to the individual keyword level. This makes it easier for you to extend search campaigns to display, and it creates a more efficient way to run the two types of campaigns together.

For example, let’s say you’re running display campaigns for a Travel Agency that offers vacation packages in several Caribbean islands. In the past, you would have had to create themed ad groups targeting vacations to Turks and Caicos and the Caribbean. Now with this new keyword level transparency you might realize that the keyword “Turks and Caicos vacations” is four times more profitable than the keyword “caribbean vacations”. You can optimize your campaigns to aggressively target these high performing keywords, and in turn be more conservative on “caribbean vacations”.

Frequently asked questions

Below we'll address a few common questions about the platform's support for Google Display campaigns and the GDN.

Is this feature in the API?

Yes, this feature is available in the API.

Does the platform support it?

The Platform supports creation and management of keywords targeting search and content, including bids, status, and destination URL. Although it's available in the API, the Platform does not bring down cost metrics at the keyword-level. Cost data is saved at the group level as Content. Any revenue data is saved at the Unattributed level.

Bidding is unable to bid on these keyword types due to the fact that the Platform does not store the cost and revenue data at the keyword level.

If all keywords and ads have URLs within a display-only group, which URL gets served?

This depends on the targeting and bidding setup seen in Google Ads:

  • If the group is set to custom bids, the keyword URL will get served.

  • If the group is set to default bids, the ad URL will get served.

You can review this Google Ads help article for more information (external link). The Destination URLs and the Display Network section is of particular interest.

Where can i find more information?

You can read more on this topic in the following article: A Better Way to Buy Display (external link).
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