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Gmail Ads


Gmail Ads are a form of interactive ad which shows in the Promotions and Social tabs of the user's Gmail inbox. Some of these ads are expandable, but will always be marked with the yellow "Ad" icon. 



When a user click one of these ads, it will expand just like an email. The expanded form of Gmail Ads can include images, video, or embedded forms.



Google automatically optimizes Gmail Ads to ensure they fit the format of where they’re shown: desktop, mobile, or the Gmail app. Ads in Gmail use the standard display targeting options, including audience keywords, in-market audiences, demographics, affinity audiences, automated targeting, remarketing, customer match, and life events.

The Marin platform currently offers syncing and reporting support for Google's Gmail Ads, as explained below. 

Platform support for Gmail Ads

Google announced standalone Gmail campaigns will become 'read only' starting July 1, 2021. Marin's synchronization and reporting capabilities will not be impacted, but you will no longer be able to create new standalone Gmail campaigns. 

The Marin Search platform supports the Gmail Ads for both sync and reporting, as follows:

  • Gmail Ads can be synced to the platform from Google Ads and viewed in the Creatives grid. If you have existing campaigns containing Gmail Ads, you'll see these ads within the relevant campaigns. 
  • The full suite of Marin reporting options is available for Gmail Ads, including both one-time and recurring reports. 
  • As with any other ad type, you are able to tag Gmail Ads with the platform's Dimensions feature to enable advanced segmentation. 



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