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Google Image Ads


Marin Search supports displaying, editing, creating and managing of Google Image Ads (similar to the support for Text Ads). This ad type can be used when targeting the Google Display Network.

Usable formats

Google image ads will be displayed in the platform. You can create and/or edit these ads just like text ads. We currently support the following image format, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG and the following ad sizes:

Common sizes  

  • 120x600 - Skyscraper
  • 160x600 - Wide skyscraper
  • 200x200 - Small square
  • 240x400 - Vertical rectangle
  • 250x250 - Square
  • 300x1050 - Portrait
  • 300x250 - Inline rectangle
  • 300x600 - Half-page
  • 320x100 - Large mobile banner
  • 320x50 - Mobile leaderboard
  • 336x280 - Large rectangle
  • 468x60 - Banner
  • 728x90 - Leaderboard
  • 970x250 - Billboard
  • 970x90 - Large leaderboard

Other sizes  

  • 1024x768
  • 1024x90
  • 120x60
  • 200x446
  • 220x90
  • 240x133
  • 250x360
  • 292x30
  • 300x100
  • 300x31
  • 300x50
  • 300x57
  • 320x480
  • 425x600
  • 480x32
  • 480x320
  • 580x400
  • 750x100
  • 750x200
  • 750x300
  • 768x1024
  • 88x31
  • 930x180
  • 950x90
  • 960x90
  • 970x66
  • 980x120
  • 980x90

Additional Notes

  • Flash creatives (.SWF) will not be displayed at the moment in the platform nor can they be created. They however will be synced down, reported on and edited (Name, Display URL, and Landing Page URL values).
  • Marin Search does not verify whether or not the uploaded image dimensions are supported and will allow the upload of images with unsupported dimensions. Please verify before uploading images that they are sized correctly. You may or may not encounter the following error: Invalid image dimensions. See help for valid image dimensions.


File Size Limit

Google's current file size limit for image ads is 150KB, and is currently supported in the platform.

How to bulk add/edit

There are two ways of uploading image ads:

1. Upload images in the image library as a zip file, then upload a bulk sheet to create ads    

  1. Click the Admin link in the upper-right.
  2. Select the Templates sub-tab, then click the Image Library in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the Bulk add/edit images in the left-hand menu.
  4. In the field Paste IMAGES information below, insert image name and image file according to the column header (Image Name and Image File). Image name can be anything, but image file name needs to be exactly the same as the file name that you will upload in Upload Image Zip File in the next step.
  5. Go down to Upload Image Zip File, click Choose File, then upload images in a zip file. Ensure the images are not in a folder when compressed, as this will result in the error Image file could not be found after upload. Zip only the images by selecting the images you want to upload, then right clicking and selecting Send to (compressed) Zip Folder on Windows or Compress if you are using a Mac.
  6. Click Process.
  7. When the images are uploaded, you can use them for ads.
  8. Click the Creatives tab, then go to Bulk add/edit creatives in the left-hand menu.
  9. You can bulk upload in the same way as other bulk uploads for keywords and creatives. Make sure to use the headers below: Account Campaign Group [Creative Name] [Image] [Creative Type] [Status] [Display URL] [Landing Page].
  10. Under the Image column, you should use the Image name, which you used when you uploaded the image files in previous steps.

2. Upload images and ads all in one bulk sheet    

  1. Click the Creatives tab, then go to Bulk add/edit creatives in the left-hand menu.
  2. Bulk upload the image files and ads at the same time, by using the headers below: Account, Campaign, Group, Headline, [Image], [Creative Type], [Status], [Display URL], [Landing Page].
  3. Under the Image column, since the files are not named yet, use the actual file name.
  4. Upload images in a zip file. All images need to be named exactly the same as the names used in the Image column above.
  • Please note that if you use method 2, images will not go to the Image Library. This means the images won't be stored in the same way as method 1. So if you want to re-use the images, you need to upload them again in the same step.

Note: When uploading large bulk upload files, you might encounter the error GOOGLE, REMOTE_ERROR. Please follow the instructions in the instructions in the  "GOOGLE, REMOTE_ERROR" article to fix the issue.


You can also Multi-Edit actions on image ads for the following operations:

  • Creative Edit - edit of Display and Landing Page
  • Landing Page (Find & Replace)
  • Landing Page (Append)
  • Edit Dimension Values

URL builder for Image Ads

As long as URL Builder is set to build creative-level URLs, it will work for image ads. You can read our New URL Builder Advanced Guide for more information. 

Displaying in the grid

In order to better sort and manage your Image Ads, Creative Size (e.g. 300x250, 728x90, etc) and Creative Type (e.g. Image or Text) columns are available for viewing, sorting and filtering in the Creative grid.

Image ad exemptions

If you wish you apply for an exemption for your image ads, you need to fill out a form found here:    

Google does not support exemptions for image ads in their API at the moment.

Important information

  • Some operating systems such as Mac or Unix, or archiving Platforms will keep the enclosing folder in the ZIP file. For example, if you're uploading a ZIP folder that includes a folder called AAA and an image called XYZ.gif, please use the following format for the Image column: AAA/XYZ.gif

Common Issues

  • When bulk uploading image files, you may encounter the error message: Image file could not be found. This problem most commonly occurs when the uploaded image files are broken or corrupted in some way. If you see this error, you can re-upload these images or check their integrity and replace them if they are found to be corrupt. 
  • You may encounter an error message GOOGLE, LAYOUT_PROBLEM when creating ads. This is a publisher error caused by too much white space on an image. To resolve the issue, simply add a border to the image and create the ad again.



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