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Google Responsive Display Ads


Responsive Display Ads, also known as Multi-Asset Responsive Display Ads, are the latest ad type for Google’s Display Network. Google is driving innovation with the advertiser content creator in mind. They are promoting time saving functionality leveraging their advanced machine learning. This is a direct play from their Responsive Search ads which leverage multiple text assets. One ad with multiple assets yields numerous combinations that can be served. 

What are Responsive Display Ads?

This ad type is the replacement to the static (and now deprecated) Responsive Ad. It leverages the same technology as Responsive Search Ads and combines the optimal combination of assets at the time of serving based on predictions using past performance.

Different types of assets make the ad more adaptable to a wider audience. Google has a greater selection to create the best combination based on text, images, and videos for the placement. Google is doing the heavy lifting and save the advertiser time and work of creating and managing multiple display ads.



How Responsive Display Ads are Built

Google RDAs are designed to be modular, meaning multiple assets are combined to create the final ad. Below we'll outline each of the available components available for RDAs. 


  • Images and logos (at least 1 landscape and at least 1 square image)

    • From website scan

    • Upload

    • Stock Images from stock image companies

    • Recently Used (across entire Google account)

    • Assets (currently in use for this ad)

  • Videos (up to 5)

    • Search YouTube

    • Recently Used (across entire Google account)

  • Headlines (30 char max) x 5 max

    • Standard text  (as with RSAs, but only 5 max)

  • Long Headline (90 char max)

    • Standard text similar to description for RSA. but only 1

  • Description (90 char max) x 5 max

    • Standard text similar to description for RSA. 

Note: Google does not support position pinning for this ad type.

Other Fields  

  • Business Name (25 char max)

  • Final URL and Structured URL components

    • Tracking template, Custom Parameters, Final URL Suffix, etc. 

Marin Platform Support for RDAs

We sync and report on Responsive Display Ads. They can be viewed in the creative grid, exported for reports, and tagged with dimensions. 

  • Sync

  • Report

  • Export from creative grid

  • Dimensions


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