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Reporting on Shopping Campaigns in MarinOne


MarinOne now has the ability to report on Shopping Campaigns for both Google and Microsoft, including the ability to report on your Totals row. You can choose to report on both Products and Product Groups for Google campaigns or on Product Groups only for Microsoft campaigns. 

To learn about our full suite of Shopping support, check out our dedicated article.

Because MarinOne's Shopping Campaign support is still a reporting only feature, if you need to edit or manage your Shopping Campaigns, please do so from Marin Search. You can learn more about managing Shopping Campaigns in Marin from our dedicated article

How to report on shopping campaigns

  1. First, go ahead and get logged into MarinOne.
  2. Next, from the top-level navigation click on the Products tab. Click the down arrow to select between Groups & Targets, which shows your data at the product group level, or Shopping Products, which breaks your data down to the individual product level. 


    Note: MarinOne currently supports Google and Microsoft from the Groups & Targets tab and Google only from the Shopping Products tab. 
  3. As with all tabs in MarinOne, you can adjust your date range, columns, and filters to meet your unique needs and run a report in order to learn more about your performance.

    To learn more about running reports in MarinOne one, check out our dedicated article

important notes

  • MarinOne does not currently support the creation, editing, or management of Shopping campaigns. We expect these features to come with a future release, so be on the lookout for more information. 


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