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Shared Google Budgets

Our approach to shared Google budgets

The budgets of campaigns opted into a shared Google budget can be edited in the Platform. The Budget column in the Campaigns tab and Budget field in the campaign settings, will reflect the total shared budget for the group of campaigns that are part of one shared budget. Please note that bulk editing a shared budget will also affect all the campaigns linked to that budget.

While you can make changes to shared budgets in the Platform, creating a shared budget and linking campaigns to it, should be done in Adwords. For more information see Adwords Help.

How to manage shared budgets in the platform

Even though you can edit, sync and push shared budgets the same as individual budgets, there is currently no way to tell which campaigns are opted into a shared budget within the Platform. However, this can be achieved by using dimensions as a way of staying organized and grouping shared budget campaigns.

You can learn more about setting up and using dimensions from A Guide to Using Dimensions.

Note: we do not currently support multi-edit for shared budgets.

Useful links about shared budgets

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