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Using Overwrite Mode to Upload Content Conversions


Uploading Google content network conversions data in 'Overwrite' revenue upload mode is not supported today. This is a known limitation of the revenue upload system caused by the way that Google passes data for content keywords and how we store their associated metrics in Marin Search Marketer.

Example of Overwrite Mode

Let's imagine that Client X has an ad group with 4 keywords that is part of a Google display network campaign. Keyword IDs are 1234, 3456, 5678, 7890 and there is one creative in the group with ID abcd.

Client X uploads the following revenue for 8/22/2012 in overwrite mode, the first data for this date and ad group:

Date                   Keyword ID  Creative ID   Conversions   Revenue    Conversion Type

2012-08-22       c1234            abcd                5                      10                 Sale

2012-08-22       c3456            abcd              5                        10                 Sale

After this upload, the grid for this ad group will correctly display 10 content conversions and $20 of revenue for the group on 8/22/2012. Note that conversions and revenue will not be reported at the keyword level within the group.

Client X then uploads the following revenue for 8/22/2012 in overwrite mode:

Date                 Keyword ID   Creative ID      Conversions    Revenue   Conversion Type

2012-08-22    c5678             abcd                  2                        5                  Sale

2012-08-22    c7890             abcd                  2                        5                  Sale

After this upload, the group will now show 4 total content conversions (as opposed to the correct value of 14) and $10 in revenue (as opposed to the correct value of $30). The second upload overwrites the totals for the entire group, even though it is only attempting to load revenue for some of the groups keywords. This is because conversions and revenue are only tracked at the group level for Google content keywords, not at the keyword level.

If you wish to track Google network content conversions from automatic placements, ensure that you are using 'Add' or 'Clear and Overwrite' mode. For more information on these revenue upload modes and how to use them correctly, see Uploading Revenue.

Note that these methods will not allow you to track content conversions at the keyword level, but will provide proper group-level metrics.

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