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"Error: No target currency specified for currency conversion."

What is the issue?

When attempting to link a new Google AdWords account into the Platform, you may encounter the following error:

Error: No Target Currency Specified For Currency Conversion.

This error usually appears when accounts are not successfully linked to the publisher. You need to have at least one campaign in your Adwords account to successfully link the account into Marin.


There are also two additional scenarios which may present the error above:

  • If incorrect account credentials are supplied. The solution is to enter valid credentials for the account.
  • If the Google account email address has not been verified. The solution is to verify the email via AdWords before linking.

What causes the issue?

When linking an AdWords account into the Platform, we need the account’s currency and time zone settings to be set up beforehand, which is why you must create at least one campaign in order to successfully sync all campaigns within that account into our application. Due to an interim change on Google’s end, the time zone and currency information is not available at the AdWords account level for now; so we need to pull these settings from campaign(s) within the account.

If the AdWords account is brand new and there are active campaigns set up, our system will not be able to find the currency and time zone information, and the linking attempt will fail.

How to fix the issue

To fix the problem, you can create a dummy/new campaign within AdWords and then return to the application and complete the linking process.

Note: Please do not delete the dummy campaign once the linking process is completed.

  1. From the Channels tab, open the Linking Wizard and then edit the Google publisher account that is invalid due to the earlier error message above.
  2. When you edit the campaign's settings, it will automatically refresh and the error message will disappear.
  3. Our system will pull in the newly created campaign and the currency and time zone settings associated with it; and you will see the campaigns listed at the bottom of the page which you can select, then click Link and finally Save.
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