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What is the issue?

The Google error below occurs when a user performs a bulk keyword upload for Google and the system fails to post these items to the publisher. The issue is due to invalid values in the Param 1 or Param 2 fields of a keyword.

Error: GOOGLE, INVALID_INSERTION_TEXT_FORMAT, operations[73].operand.insertionText

How to fix the issue

Open the error file in the failed job ID. Under the Results column filter for the above message. Next pick a keyword from this filtered list and search for this keyword in the application.

Under the Edit Keyword Settings page for the selected item, check the Param 1 and Param 2 fields. Per Google Ads guidelines, only specified formats can be entered in this field and any exceptions won’t be allowed.

In the below example we see there is a ‘.’ which is an invalid entry and causes this keyword to fail. User will need to remove the invalid character or replace with a number and re-post items to publisher.

Additional information

Sometimes it is helpful to see the details of error message since Google returns the cause of the error after [0]operand.insertionText

For example, if you received the error message: Error: GOOGLE, INVALID_INSERTION_TEXT_FORMAT, operations[1].operand.insertionText,56 %, which tells that there are extra space between 56 and %, and is causing the issue.

Useful links

  • A list of allowed values for Param 1 & Param 2 can be found here.
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