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Cost Data Not Showing for Certain Google Display Network Objects

What is the issue?

When working with Google Display Network objects such as groups, creatives, etc. you may notice that these objects appear in the Platform, but cost data for them does not.

This issue will usually occur after you create a new Display group within Google Ads itself. 

What causes the issue?

When creating a new Display group in Google Ads, there is a setting called Parental Status which is active by default. This setting is not currently supported in the Marin platform. 

This means that objects that are leveraging this setting will appear, but cost data may or may not populate. Additionally, it's possible you will see discrepancies between the data in Marin and the data in the publisher for this object.

How to fix the issue

There is not currently a way to bring in cost data for Display campaigns that use these parental targeting demographics, however there is a possible workaround you can try:

  1. Delete or pause the affected groups that are utilizing this demographic targeting.
  2. Recreate them in the publisher. When recreating them, please do not set or change the demographic targeting at all. The reason for this is that targeting cannot be turned off once it is enabled.

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