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How to Use URL by Match Type


URL by Match Type is new functionality being introduced by Microsoft Advertising. Previously, Microsoft Advertising/adCenter would only allow a keyword to have different bids for each match type and one URL. Now, similar to Google Ads, AdCenter is enabling a keyword to have only one match type and bid. This means:

  • Unique URLs by match type are now possible for AdCenter keywords
  • No need for the {MatchType} parameter in URL
  • It is now easier to pause or delete low performing match types

Impact of Microsoft Advertising URL by Match Type

Starting July through September 2015, Microsoft Advertising will begin to migrate all US accounts to the URL by Match Type. You will experience the following on Microsoft Advertising's side while your accounts are being migrated:

  • During the time your account is being enabled for this feature, you may not be able to make updates for up to 12 hours. Ads will continue to serve, but the Campaigns tab and its functionality will not be accessible.
  • If you use adCenter Desktop, you must upgrade to the latest version of Desktop (8.3) to use this feature. The feature will not work in earlier versions of Desktop tool (8.2 or prior).
  • For ad groups with ads running on both the search and content networks, currently a content match type shows up in addition to exact, phrase, or broad match types. After this feature is enabled, the content match type will show up only if you've placed a content bid at the keyword level or if the ad group is running only on the content network.

Platform Migration

Once your account has been migrated by Microsoft Advertising, it will undergo a Marin migration to make it compatible with the URL by Match Type feature.

  • Your Microsoft Advertising account will be locked and you will not be able to make edits to your account (within Marin's interface) while it is being migrated. Revenue will still continue to be attributed while your account is locked and other accounts (Google, Facebook and non-impacted Microsoft Advertising accounts) will still be accessible.
  • URL builder and auto URL correct will no longer add "{matchtype}" to keyword URLs for migrated accounts.
  • Your keyword URLs will also be updated to hard code the match type parameter if present. This is done to ensure accurate revenue attribution to the keywords going forward. Note: This is an independent process that will take place over time after your account has been migrated to URL By Match Type.
  • Your Online Marketing Manager will be working closely with you through the migration and will be able to address any questions.
Once migrated, you will be able to take advantage of this new feature and manage keywords at a finer granularity than before.
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