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Updating Your Microsoft Advertising Credentials to OAuth2


To unite user experience across all Microsoft products, Microsoft Advertising now requires users to migrate to their new login system in order to maintain access to accounts through Microsoft Advertising's API.

As a result, you will need to re-authenticate your Microsoft Advertising accounts using OAuth2 once you upgrade your accounts to OAuth2 in Microsoft Advertising. To learn more about this change in Microsoft Advertising's own words, check out their help article here.

How to re-authenticate your Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Here's how to accomplish this re-authentication with your own credentials:

  1. Go to the Channels tab and click the Manage Accounts button.
  2. Select your Microsoft Advertising account from the left-side account section that lists all of your accounts.
  3. You will be redirected to Microsoft Advertising and prompted to re-authenticate your account.
  4. You will need to re-verify each unique username one at a time.
    • Note: Please make sure when authenticating in Microsoft Advertising that you are logged in as the correct user. This user needs to have access to manage the account you are re-verifying.
  5. When you have returned to the Marin platform, we will attempt to re-authorize all Microsoft Advertising accounts linked to the original username.
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