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Home > English > Search Publishers > Microsoft Advertising > Troubleshooting Articles: Microsoft Advertising > "com.marin.msdb.vo.KeywordInstance_$$_javassist_118 cannot be cast to com.marin.msdb.vo.msn.MsnKeyword" (Microsoft Ads only)

"com.marin.msdb.vo.KeywordInstance_$$_javassist_118 cannot be cast to com.marin.msdb.vo.msn.MsnKeyword" (Microsoft Ads only)

What Is the Issue?

When using the Platform to bulk upload Microsoft Advertising keywords, you may encounter the following error message:

Error: com.marin.msdb.vo.KeywordInstance_$$_javassist_118 cannot be cast to com.marin.msdb.vo.msn.MsnKeyword

What Causes the Issue?

The bulk upload is failing because the Platform failed to create Microsoft Advertising keywords possibly due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Broad match modified keywords are not supported by Microsoft Advertising (i.e. keyword with ‘+’ character).
  • Parameter for another publisher has been included in the URL. e.g. {ifsearch:s}{ifcontent:c} is a Google only parameter.
  • There are unsupportive statuses in the Status column in the bulk sheet, the Platform only accepts the status of Active, Paused, Deleted. Upload fails with other status (e.g. Inactive).
  • There are duplicate tracking IDs being loaded in the URL that already exist for another object in your account.

How to Fix the Issue

You can try the following solutions for each of the causes listed above:

  • Try deleting these rows from the bulk upload file and re-upload.
  • Remove all tracking related parameters in the URL and let URL Builder build your URL.
  • Remove all unnecessary columns in the bulk sheet (e.g. Status). You can change the value of the keyword attribute later via multi-edit or bulk upload.
  • Upload a URL without hard-coding a duplicate tracking ID to see if this processes through.
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