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YouTube is the web's most popular video site, the second most popular search engine after Google, and is ranked by Alexa as the second most popular site on the web after Google. It reaches more 18 - 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network, so it seems only natural that advertisers would want to leverage this data in MarinOne to see how it's performing alongside your Search, Social, and eCommerce channels. 

This is why we've now added a Channel Connect YouTube integration to our MarinOne platform. In this article, we'll walk you through the different YouTube ad formats that are supported as well as our MarinOne YouTube support.




YouTube Ad Formats

MarinOne is able to report on the following YouTube ad formats:

  • In-Stream Ad: Places your video ad before other videos on YouTube. After five seconds, users have the option to skip the remainder of the ad. 
  • Video Discovery Ad: Places your ad next to related YouTube videos as part of a YouTube search result or on the YouTube mobile homepage.
  • Bumper Ad: A six-second video ad ideal for driving brand reach and frequency. Appears before other videos on YouTube and is not skippable. 
  • Outstream Ad: A mobile-only video ad that plays on partner websites and within apps. 


Note: Though we offer support for metrics from these ad types, we do not currently offer the ability to view the data granularly, by ad type. Rather, our current support allows you to view your YouTube data as a whole.

MarinOne Support

MarinOne currently offers reporting support for your YouTube campaigns via our Channel Connect integration. This integration is done without an API connection and instead is done via a series of reports that have been converted to a MarinOne-ready format and are brought into MarinOne on a recurring basis.

This integration is achieved using a one-time setup that automatically updates your data and your data can be backfilled, just like any other standard connection with the publisher.

Note: MarinOne currently offers reporting support at the Campaign, Group, and Keyword level, but not the Ad level. 




MarinOne currently offers support on the following metrics:

  • Date
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Impressions
  • Views
  • Cost
  • Conversions (optional)
  • Revenue (optional)

If you would like to get started reporting on YouTube data in MarinOne, please reach out to your platform representative. 

Note: MarinOne does not currently support creation or editing of your YouTube campaigns or ads. 

Getting Started

Want to get started pulling YouTube data into your MarinOne Client Account? Check out our dedicated article to learn more. Channel Connect integrations will need to be set up in Marin Search, but the MarinOne Publisher Account Linking Wizard offers a Quick Link to seamlessly jump to the correct page in Marin Search. 

From MarinOne, simply navigate to the Publishers tab, click the Manage Accounts button, click on the Add Publisher Account button, then select the Other publisher. This will launch the Linking Wizard in Marin Search, where you can follow the instructions listed in our dedicated Channel Connect article, beginning with Step 3. 



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