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Understanding the New Text Ad Format


Yahoo! Japan launched a new version of the sponsored search API. This update was a major revision, and included some features that are not backwards compatible with our Platform, including a new text ad format. Support for this new ad format was added to our Platform in March 2013.

New text ad format

The upgrade on February 12th 2013 included a move to a new format of text ads. Since May 2014, Yahoo Japan no longer accepts the old type of creatives. All ads must use Extended Text Ad:

  • New text ad format: Two title lines of up to 30 characters each and one description line with up to 80 characters (each Latin and Japanese characters count as 1 character). You can also use Display URL Directory 1 & 2 with up to 15 characters each. 

Please note that our Platform allows you to:

  • View and edit creatives using both old and new text ad formats.
  • Add new creatives using new text ad formats.

Bulk Uploads

Note that in order to upload new creatives in bulk sheet format with the new text ad format, you need to include the Creative Type column. The field can be populated as follows:

  • For the new text ad format, the value should be: Extended Text Ad (15-19-19)

Handy tips

  • Please note that all the restriction and Yahoo! Japan’s editorial limitations remains the same. For example, no special characters can be used, double-byte spaces and characters, 29 character display URL limitation, Display URL must end with “/”, etc.

  • More details on Yahoo Japan’s restriction can be found by clicking here.

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