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Unified Campaigns for Yahoo! Japan


Yahoo! Japan has now released a new feature known as Unified Campaigns. It is similar in concept to Google’s new enhanced campaigns, in that it offers advertisers easier campaign management in an increasingly multi-device world. 

Platform support for Unified Campaigns

The introduction of unified campaigns has resulted in a number of changes to the Platform. You are able to sync down and manage certain settings specific to unified campaigns, as explained below:

Settings and support

  • Campaign type: Ability to view if a campaign is unified or legacy in the Campaign Settings page and Campaigns grid, change from legacy to unified, sync and push unified campaigns.
  • Ability to create new unified campaigns.
  • Campaign Smart Phone bid adjustment: Ability to report (in the grid) and manage (through the Campaign Settings page), Smart Phone bid adjustment setting for unified campaigns. Like Google enhanced campaigns, allowable values are -100% to +300%.
  • Device preference: Ability to create ads set to Smart Phone preferred in a unified campaign. Ability to manage, sync and push such ads.
  • The Smart Phone preferred option is only available for text2 type ads.

Bulk and multi-edit

At this time, no bulk or multi edit support is available for unified campaigns within the Platform.


The following changes apply to the way in which you manage campaigns in the Platform:

  • If a campaign is created in the Platform, it will be set to unified by default.
  • If a campaign is unified, it cannot be changed to legacy.
  • For an existing ad, device preference cannot be changed due to an API limitation – even if it’s in a unified campaign. Users can, however, set an ad to mobile preferred upon creation.
  • Users can sync and push unified/legacy campaigns and the Platform will honor this setting.

Changes to the platform user interface

The following changes have been made to the Platform’s UI as a result of unified campaigns:

  • Two new settings added to the campaign settings page:
  1. Unified or Legacy selection option.
  2. Smart Phone bid adjustment field.
  • One new setting on the main Creatives tab grid:
  1. Smart Phone Preferred (only applies to ads within a unified campaign),
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