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Yahoo! Japan Unified Campaigns

What are Unified Campaigns?

In an effort to simplify the management of paid search campaigns by device, location, and time of day, Yahoo! Japan rolled out Unified Campaigns.

Settings and support

  • Campaign type: You can see whether a campaign is Legacy or Unified from both the main Campaigns tab and the campaign settings page. You can also switch a campaign from Legacy to Unified, and sync/push the new type of campaign.
  • Campaign mobile bid adjustment: You can report (via the grid) and manage (via campaign settings page) mobile bid adjustment settings for your Unified Campaigns.
  • Device preference: You can set new or existing ads to mobile preferred. Note that editing device preference for an ad creates a new ad in Yahoo! Japan with identical headline and description lines. This is default Yahoo! Japan behavior and not controlled by the Platform.



  • If you create a campaign in the Platform, it will default to the Unified type.
  • You cannot change an Unified Campaign into a Legacy one (this is a Yahoo! Japan limitation).
  • You can sync or push Unified or Legacy campaigns created in the publisher interface and the Platform will honor the setting.

Bulk and multi-edit support

Additionally, bulk and multi-edit support is available for unified Campaigns: 
  • The bulk add/edit campaigns page has two columns: Unified, and Mobile bid Adjustment.
    • Unified accepts values of true or false, which map to unified or legacy respectively.
      • Unified column will default to false if the value of true is not found.
    • Mobile bid adjustment accepts values from -100 to 300.
  • The bulk add/edit creatives page has one field: Device Preference.
    • This field accepts values Smart Phone (or Smart Phone preferred) or None (or Null), which map to Smart Phone preferred and Non-Smart Phone preferred respectively.
  • The multi-edit campaigns settings have one field in the drop-down: Mobile Bid Adj.
    • This field will set adjustment to a value between -100% and +300%.
  • The multi-edit creatives settings have a Device Preference checkbox under creative edit.
    • Checking the box will set the selected ads to Smart Phone preferred. Leaving the box unchecked will have no effect.
    • Note:  Changing Smart Phone preferred to non-Smart Phone preferred is not supported in multi-edit at this time. Until this support is added, you can use bulk and upload None or Null as explained above.
  • On the campaign single-edit page, we have Yahoo! Japan's recommended value for mobile bid adjustment as an advisory.


The following support is available in the Platform:

  • URL formats are unsupported in the application. To enable unified campaigns URL migration, please refer to the URL migration guide for more details. 
  • The {ifmobile}/{ifnotmobile} parameters: We support Yahoo! Japan's {ifmobile}/{ifnotmobile} parameters. These allow you to direct traffic to the relevant landing page based on the user's device. For example: http://{ifmobile:m}{ifnotmobile:www}.example.com . (Please note that Yahoo! JAPAN does not allow these parameters in Creative Destination Url's).

    Learn more about these parameters by reading A Guide to Using the {ifmobile} and {ifnotmobile} ValueTrack Parameters.
  • You can upload destination URLs using the {ifmobile}/{ifnotmobile} formats listed above. 

We have the Devices grid which provides visibility on device-level reporting. You will find this under the main tab; just look for the Devices sub-tab. Note that this grid will display all campaigns from all Yahoo! Japan publisher client accounts. Users can report on cost and revenue metrics by device, and adjust campaign Smart Phone bids based on device performance.



  • There are four categories available, based on Yahoo! Japan's classifications:
    • Desktop
    • Tablet
    • Smart Phone
    • Other


  • In order to have revenue attributed correctly by device, your URLs will need to include the {device} parameter. Please see the Enhanced and Unified Campaigns Resource Center for more information on how to migrate your URLs.
  • Additionally, note that cost and revenue data by device is only available for Google and Yahoo! Japan at the present time. All other publishers' data will be attributed to the Other category.
    • Full URL Builder and Autocorrect support is available for Yahoo! Japan's {ifmobile} and {ifnotmobile} parameters. See this guide to using these parameters with the Platform's URL Builder.

Group-level support

Mobile bid adjustment at the group level

Users can edit mobile bid adjustment at the group level.


Important Notes Regarding Group-level mobile bid adjustment

  • If a group has no mobile bid adjustment, it will default to the campaign level value.
  • By default, all existing Google groups are set to use their campaign's mobile bid adjustment in the Platform, before they are synced from the publisher. Note that this setting will not be synced from the publisher unless explicitly changed.
  • Users can edit group-level mobile bid adjustment in three ways:
    • Single edit: Users can decide whether to use campaign or group level adjustment.
    • Multi edit: Same as with single edit, but accessible via the multi-edit menu in the grid.
    • Bulk edit: There is an optional column: Mobile Bid Adjustment. Upon creation, groups are defaulted to use campaign level mobile bid adjustment, unless there is a value specified in this column at the group level. For bulk editing, if the column is left empty, the same group setting will be maintained. If a value is specified, it will edit the group to use that value as the mobile bid adjustment moving forward.

Device reporting at the group level

Users can report by device at the group level.

  • We have added group level cost and revenue reporting by device. This includes most cost metrics, and revenue metrics by totals and conversion types.
  • We have a Device sub-tab under the main group tab (as explained above).
  • Similar to the campaign-level device sub-tab, users can multi-edit group mobile boost from the group-level Device sub-tab.
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