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Enhanced Website Custom Audiences for Facebook


Enhanced Website Custom Audiences (WCA) introduces additional flexibility when creating custom audiences for Facebook with Marin Social. Specifically, enhanced website custom audiences adds the ability to create targeting rules based upon aggregate behavior, device type, and dynamic date.

Facebook describes enhanced WCAs as adding "intensity of signal" to WCA. As an example, previously, someone who visited a website 10 times would have been grouped into the same audience as someone who visited once. With enhanced WCAs, you're able to put these two people into separate audiences and bid for them accordingly. Facebook recommends that advertisers not just bid for their most valuable potential customers, but also bid for the true value for a broader range of potential customers.

Additional rules

With enhanced website custom audiences, the following rules have now been added to the Marin Social platform:

  • Frequency – Example: People who have visited this page more/less than 3 times.

  • Time Spent – Example: People who spent more than 2 minutes on my website

  • Dynamic Date – Example: All people who have searched for a hotel with a check in date 7 days in the future

  • Aggregated Values (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG)

    • Example: People who spent more than $100 dollars in the past 30 days

    • Example: People who had fewer than three transactions in the past 90 days

  • Device – Example: People who accessed my website while on an Android phone

  • Availability

See it in Action

Creating a new Website Custom Audience can be done in a few simple steps.


Advanced Website.gif

How to

To use the enhanced website custom audience in the Marin Social platform:

  1. Navigate to Audience > Custom Audiences > New Custom Audience > Website
  2. From here, you can use the Advanced? switch to turn on the enhanced website custom audience.
  3. This will allow you to use many other attributes to configure your rule, such as:
  • Frequency

  • Time Spent

  • Dynamic Date

  • Aggregated Values

  • Device

  • Availability

Please note that there is a restriction whereby Facebook only allows you to use one rule aggregation when you construct your rules. The following are considered as an aggregation type:

  • Sum is

  • Average is

  • Maximum is

  • Minimum is

  • Last event date

  • Time spent

  1. You can also target audiences that visited your website from a specific device.
  2. Finally, after you have successfully configured your enhanced website custom audience, click Save.

Important notes

  • In the Custom Audiences grid, you can quickly identify which custom audience is an enhanced custom audience by checking the Source column and looking for the label Website - Enhanced.






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