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"Error Specified list/container must not contain any null elements"

What is the issue?

When copying or creating creatives for A/B testing, the operation may fail and you may encounter the following error message:

Error Specified list/container must not contain any null elements

What causes the issue?

This problem is a result of copying or creatingimage creatives without uploading images. And it is most commonly caused in one of the following situations:

  1. When copying image creatives from one group to another by using the Copy function.
  2. When creating new image creatives for A/B testing.

How to fix the issue

You should re-create any image creatives and upload the images to the Platform. Then delete the creatives in Sync Error.

Note: If performing an A/B testing, you will need to create two image creatives within the same group and set the creatives to rotate evenly.

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