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Synchronizing Stuck Campaigns

What is the issue?

There are instances where campaigns will be stuck with a Syncing or Editing status, although no syncing or editing jobs are processing.

Where does this error appear?

  • Campaigns can be identified by looking in the Campaigns tab, in which those stuck campaigns will have a Syncing icon (these can also be found by filtering for campaigns with a Syncing Operation Status).

       Note: You can also check the Status bar to reconfirm that no items are currently syncing.

  • You can also identify these campaigns by going to the account settings page (Channels tab), then click on Manage Accounts and choose the relevant account. Then click on the Campaigns sub-tab on the right hand side pane., and seeing the list of campaigns that are within this specific account. Those campaigns with this error, will have a Syncing Link Status next to the campaign name.

How to fix the issue

Performing a manual sync from the publisher account settings page on those campaigns should correct this error. To perform a manual sync from the publisher account settings page:

  • First, select the stuck campaign(s) and click Resume or Pause (depending on whether the campaign is Active or Paused).
  • Next, go to the account settings page (as described above).
  • Select those campaigns that have a Syncing Link Status.
  • Click Synchronize.

This should produce a ReSync job within the Activity Log, and once this has finished processing, campaigns should no longer be stuck with a Syncing status.

If the above does not work or you have more questions, please contact our Support Services team, who will be happy to help investigate.

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