Bidding To Conversions Vs. Bidding To Converted Clicks

Google no longer supports Converted Clicks via the Google Ads API and now only supports Conversions. This is consistent with Google Ads reporting and bid strategies. 

In this article, we'll explain the impact that has on you as a Marin user. 

Marin Bidding & Google Many-Per-Click Conversions

If you're using publisher tracking, we will now use many-per-click conversions instead of one-per-click converted clicks. This means that advertisers with multiple conversion events per user session will see more conversions than they previously did under converted clicks. For example, a user who purchased a product and signed up for a newsletter would be considered a single conversion under converted clicks. Now, they will show up as two conversions. 

How Does This Impact Marin Bidding?

Marin’s bidding algorithm attempts to estimate RPC (revenue per click) via intermediate calculations: conversion rate and revenue per conversion. An increase in conversion rate using many-per-click conversions is met with an equivalent decrease in revenue per conversion, effectively resulting in no change in RPC. Furthermore, the bidding algorithm already has the built-in capability to handle conversions exceeding clicks.

If you're tracking revenue, the impact of switching to many-per-click conversions should be minimal. Their effective RPC will not be impacted, though there may be some small differences in bids for low volume terms as they share data across their parent Strategy.

If you're not tracking revenue and are instead targeting a Cost Per lead goal, we will see an increase in RPC since the conversion rate will higher while the revenue per conversion is the same (equal to the Cost Per lead target). 

Note: it is important that advertisers track revenue for each conversion event on their website or ensure there is only one possible event that fires a conversion. This will ensure that the many-per-click conversions are no different than converted clicks. 

Next Steps

If you have multiple conversion events, you should ensure that revenue is tied to each event. If you're using CPL bidding, you should ensure there is no significant increase in conversion rate as this will cause the algorithm to be more aggressive. 

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023