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BI Connect


MarinOne's BI Connect is a tool that allows you to integrate your Marin data into the Business Intelligence tool of your choice, including Tableau, Google Data Studio, and more.

It can also be used as a data source, allowing you to create custom dashboards and reports in your own BI Tool, or accessed directly for integration with your own in-house data warehouse.

MarinOne's BI Connect is currently a closed beta feature. Please reach out to your platform representative to learn more.

Why use BI Connect?

By using BI Connect with MarinOne, you'll enjoy: 

  • Comprehensive access to data at all levels of your publisher hierarchy (campaign, ad group, ad, ad extensions, and dynamic targets, just to name a few)

  • Enterprise-level data security

  • Automated stitching of cost with 3rd-party revenue data

  • Flexible data hosting on your cloud or ours

  • Simplify reporting with Marin dimensions and custom columns

  • Minimize dependency on internal teams and leverage Marin to do the heavy lifting

how it works

BI Connect works using Client Tags. To learn more about Client Tags, check out our dedicated article.

Once Client Tags have been set up, BI Connect works in the following way:

  • Publishers accounts and 3rd-party revenue is linked to MarinOne.

  • Data is pushed daily to the cloud storage of your choice.

  • Marin provides ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) and target schema. No need to aggregate or map data - it’s already organized and loaded by Marin.

  • Key metrics exposed in additive form, such as quality score, bid, available impressions, etc

  • You can then connect the BI tool of your choice via PostgreSQL or Amazon Redshift.

Next steps

To learn more about BI Connect, or to find out about the cost of accessing the warehouse, please reach out to a platform representative.






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